Sunday, January 15, 2012

Junking Day #1

WHAT MAKES A GOOD WINTER DAY?  As a child, my cousin Jamie and I would accompany my mom, grandmother and aunt to various junk and antique markets. The best one was the Thieves Market in Arlington, Virginia. I don't know if it's still there. Someone tell me? Acres and acres (it seemed to us) of junk and antiques. My cousin and I would roam the stalls and make up games based on the vignettes we saw while the grownups would look for bargains. Then sometimes we would get a treat to lunch at a local BBQ restaurant on Glebe Road. Guess it's gone too, but it sure was good. 

Continuing the tradition, I occasionally visit antique stores around my home. Last Saturday was c-c-cold and a good day to be inside an antique mall. I went to Sleepy Poet Antique Mall and also, in the same building, Consignments on South.  I am looking for a couple of chippy sideboards to be potting benches and catch-alls in my carport. (More on that idea later.) But along the way I'm not against a couple of bargains or pretties! I saw some great items and there were probably even more I missed.

Broken china side table in Mary Jane's stall at
a great price. But I don't need any tables right now :((
Like this Collie painting but the price was out of my reach.

Unique chippy metal demijohn with its bottle.

Sunburst sculpture. Very trendy right now.

One of my favorite stalls. There were some pillow ticking pillows. Got one.

Tin and wood desk storage. Very cute and affordable.
I have fallen for vintage textiles, have you? I thought this very reasonably
priced runner would look nice with my everyday Spode Italian so I got it.

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