Wednesday, January 11, 2012

27 Item Fling

I did a 27-Fling Boogie yesterday. Don't know what that is? It's where you take a large garbage bag through your house and fling out 27 random items of clutter as fast as possible. Then close the bag, don't look in it and fling it in the trash. That's it.

I didn't make it to 27 yesterday. Only made it to around 17. But the point is, it got done and some clutter is GONE. From what I remember, here is a partial list of the things I threw out:

- old crackberry charger (one with the big connector)
- three died up ink pads
- a died and cracked rubber stamping wheel
- an old cookbook - way too complex one on cooking fancy fruit desserts, what was I thinking?
- an old over the shower head caddy, rusted
- 4 old cleaning heads for a handheld electric scum buster, been around the laundry room 10 years, never used

Wish I had a picture of this stuff to show you, but that would violate the rules of the Boogie (hahaha.) Nonetheless, it's out in the garbage now. Yes, yes, yes, I could have donated some. Maybe the book. Or sold it. But then it would still be in the house cluttering!  But for one item at a time I thought it wasn't worth it and I needed the space and piece of mind.

Buh-bye clutter.

Why 27 Items?  Its a just a random number but it's easy to remember. I like FlyLady's approach to decluttering and cleaning. If you have a clutter problem or want to "fly" through your housekeeping, this is a wonderful source and coaching service. See more about her techniques at Flylady.Net

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