Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Collie Rescue Day

Last Saturday was my first meeting of Piedmont Collie Club. I am joining this club to connect with other Collie owners and breeders for fun and learning. They do lots of shows, rallies, herding and education.

The club met at Collie Rescue of the Carolinas in Winston Salem, NC for a grooming and bath day. Confused? No problem! Suffice it to say that we groomed rescued Collies on a perfectly gorgeous day.

Jean Smith, who runs the rescue, opened her house and yard to grooming tables. We brought lots of grooming tools. She also brought out her dog bath. Jean has cold AND hot water running to her hose outside. Very nice for bathing the dogs.

The most often asked question I got on Saturday was, "How many Collies do you have?"

I answered, "Three, one of each: blue, sable and white, and a tri."

There was a sable headed white puppy in rescue and one person said to me, "But you don't have a white."

My response, "My husband would keel over."

Her answer to that was, "With joy, right?"


Something new for me was learning the basics of grooming hocks. Hocks are just what you think, the area behind the leg. I cleaned ears and clipped a bunch of toenails.

There I am below grooming a Collie who had been clipped. That is a no-no. No worries though, he will be his pretty self soon. (Notice my very baggy clothes? More on that soon.)

The rescue also had two smooth Collies. Just as pretty as the rough (hairy) type if you ask me.

Jean's rescue members served up a hotdog lunch after the club meeting. I got to discuss more about living with and training Collies.

It was a really good day for a good cause. Collie Rescue is almost to 60 adoptions so far this year. Quite a record and tremendous good work on their part.

Now I just have to get my Collies groomed!

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Sweet Posy Dreams said...

Collies are such pretty dogs. You are a brave gal if you can clip dog toenails. I have always been so scared to do that, I don't even try anymore. I hate paying the vet or kennel to do it, but I just can't do it. I used to be able to do the kids' rabbits' nails, but dogs seem too challenging for me!