Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Tips That Work

Do you love a good tip? I love to read tips but don't put them all to the test. I collect them, savor them and never get around to trying them out.

But others I have made a part of my life.

After boiling eggs and cooling down the water, don't toss it down the sink. Instead use the water for your plants. Trace calcium and phosphorous that plants need are in the water.

This one I've been doing for years. Only buy white linens. That way everything matches all the time. I only buy white sheets. When one piece, say a bottom sheet, wears out I only need to replace that not buy a whole new set of sheets. Same for bath linens and table linens.

- Clothes editing on the go. When I buy one shirt, I must edit two out of my closet. Same for pants, shoes and everything else. One in equals two out. Keeps you closets uncluttered and your wardrobe up to date.

Here is my latest. I just saw a great tip about using the Swiffer wet mop. And it works! I'm not a total "Frugal Franny" about money but this is going to save some pennies. I like the lightness and mobility of the Swiffer mop and the throw away feature of the cleaning pads. It is a true convenience.

So what is the tip? Here you go: Instead of buying box after box of Swiffer cleaning cloths for the little Swiffer mop, just use an old dish rag. Ok, not life changing but effective.

You still get the quick, lightweight use of the mop but save a few pennies by using and reusing an old rag and your favorite liquid floor cleaner. I use a damp dish cloth and some orange cleaner for the hardwoods and Clorox Cleanup for the white bath tile floors. Easy!

So speaking of tips, here are few sites I like to browse for time, money or fashion savers.

Real Simple Magazine http://www.realsimple.com

Zen Habits http://zenhabits.net/

Ask Anna http://www.askannamoseley.com/

Life Hacker http://lifehacker.com/

What are your favorite sources for tips?

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Sweet Posy Dreams said...

I never knew that about the egg water. Good idea. I am not as frugal as I probably should be, but I do have a few little quirks. When we don't drink all of a glass of water, I pour it in the dog's bowl if I can rather than down the sink.