Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tuesday Treasures Link Party

For my first Tuesday Treasure, I would like to introduce you to Debra Oliver. Debra is a blogger, Etsy shop ower and Pinner. The trifecta! A one woman idea factory!

Debra's blog is called Common Ground. I follow her and you will want to too. She does a Monday Marketplace with lots of great finds. Here are a couple of pictures from her blog.

A vintage inspiration piece thta Debra included in a post.

Great vintage storage jars from Debra's Monday Marketplace.
Of course there is Debra's own home and inspiring ways with antique finds.

Recent post on her back porch getting ready for summer
featured this darling vintage watering can.
 Just hand it over Deb!

Debra also has an Etsy shop called Common Ground Petite Boutique filled with vintage-inspired items. I have one of her necklaces and I just love it.

One of Debra's necklaces from
Common Groud Petite Boutique on Etsy

Another gorgeous creation from Debra.

And even more fun awaits you with Debra. She finds gathers very interesting items, ideas and projects on Pinterest.  Here are some examples of Debra's pins. Check out her Pinterest boards (she has lots!) for even more fabulous ideas.

So Debra is my Tuesday Treasure this week. Do me a favor and drop in on her and let her know you met her here at Scratch Where It Itches.

What blogger, Etsy shop or Pinner is your treasure? Creat a post with your favorite and link up and let's all see some terrific bloggers, shop owners and Pinners!


Sweet Posy Dreams said...

Thanks for introducing her to us. I'll check out her blog and shop.

Debra @ Common Ground said...

Thanks Debbie, how sweet of you to give me the honor! Don't you just love the blogging community? So many wonderful people and great inspiration!! xo