Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Junking Day #2, or No Mean People

I purposely scheduled some time off this week and next to catch up and have a little fun. Today was overcast in the morning and chilly. A perfect day to visit a couple of local antique and hand craft stores.  Join me as I roam a couple of neat places.

My first stop was the phone store. I had to replace the plastic cover on the glass of my cell phone. You can guess, can't you? Jessie ate it off. Luckily no damage to the cell phone. She just loves small electronics. I usually go to Verizon in Park Selwyn Terrace as they have great service.

And right next store is City Art Works. This store is filled with local crafts. I wanted one of everything.

City Art Works in the Park Selwyn Terrace at
Woodlawn and Park, Charlotte

No mean people!

Here is a book just for my friend Jane. With a forward by the Village People. So cute!

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I'll be calling you mom!

I really think I will go back for this hand towel. Isn't it adorable? Totally hand stitched.

My next stop was Oak Street Mill Antiques in Cornelius, NC. 

Oak Street Mill in downtown Cornelius, NC.
Here's a cute vintage Collie statue I found. OK I bought it - - just $8.

I would like to find a chippy sideboard for my carport so I'm always looking at bargain furniture.  This dresser isn't a sideboard but I liked the finish. The child's sideboard next to it was also adorable.

Around the side of Oak Street Mill are some other shops including The Dry Sink. Pretty things here as well.

My fellow blogger Alison at The Polohouse would like this vase.

Love this towel or coat rack. I got one for the hall bath. No more folding towels, yay.

And here was a very pretty layer. The greens and blues were very pretty. She was hard to resist, but I did.

As I shopped the day turned sunny and warmer. Perhaps junking brings good weather?

Thanks for joining me and have a scratchy day!

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Alison @ The Polohouse said...

That vase is awesome! Have not seen anything like it before! Where is this charming town of Cornelius?

I think I may have to plan a road trip???

Thanks for linking me, friend!